Schneider Electric was looking to advance and scale its IoT platform openness and business platforming efforts to deliver joint solutions and services that meet customer needs faster, enable easy data access and greater interoperability.


Working with digital integration partner Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS), Schneider is bringing the various parts of its ecosystem together through an open business platform to connect technology partners across the globe and encourage collaborative innovation.

  • Torry Harris played a crucial role in designing the integration framework for EcoStruxure, enabling data integration across Schneider Electric's diverse businesses.
  • Since its launch, Schneider Electric Exchange, built on Torry Harris's integration framework, has onboarded 190+ partners and garnered over 75,000 users. It provides a platform for technology partners to list services, gain accreditation, and drive incremental revenue through revenue share arrangements. As of 2022, there were more than 7.4 million assets connected to EcoStruxure globally.
  • The API enablement by Torry Harris allowed Schneider Electric to monetize digital assets and data, contributing to the creation of a dynamic integration framework and Exchange Marketplace.
  • The robust integration framework and API enablement facilitated the seamless integration of ongoing acquisitions, scalability, and quick adaptation to market demands, leading to the successful growth of Schneider Electric's IoT-enabled platform, EcoStruxure.
  • Torry Harris's outside-in approach, engaging Schneider Electric's partners and lines of business, contributed to a deeper understanding of challenges, fostering effective collaboration. co-developed frameworks with Schneider Electric to ease the onboarding of partners by defining the rules of engagement to help them understand the process, expectations, and vision of the initiative.

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