Software is the cornerstone of customer interaction in today’s business world. DevOps is more than an operational philosophy; it’s a commitment to continued excellence in the software development lifecycle. DevOps and CI/CD can revolutionize how you develop and manage application infrastructure, but it’s not easy to implement. Without the right tools, DevOps automation will never completely materialize, leading to information silos across development and operation teams. DevOps solutions are a ready-made solution for such scenarios. This infographic will take you through our very own DevOps solution and explain how the pipeline and tooling can help your business.

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DevOps solutions - address
tangible business needs

Leverage our DevOps solutions for your core business functionality

DevOps pipeline

  • Continuous integration and testing
  • Continuous release and deployment
  • Containerized workload and service management platforms
  • Continuous infrastructure monitoring and optimization
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Service failure recovery without delay
  • Continuous measurement


  • Configuration management - Ansible, Chef, and Puppet
  • Metrics reporting - Prometheus and Zabbix
  • Dashboard development - Grafana


  • Automation with Jenkins and AWS CodePipeline
  • Test automation
  • Deployment automation
  • Monitoring automation
  • Recovery automation
  • Infrastructure automation

Chaos engineering

  • Chaos engineering for failure points
  • Solutions for resource unavailability

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