Despite the escalating hype around digital platforms, application leaders must keep sight of the fact that the most essential, basic elements of digital business platforms are application programming interfaces (APIs). This whitepaper will explain why APIs are central to any digital transformation strategy, and how when exposed, they can unleash enterprises’ full potential in ways previously unknown.

However, the scale and scope of APIs are perhaps not immediately apparent. To help you build a successful API management program, this whitepaper delves into “the API experience” and how businesses can drive great value. You will also be presented with keys to a successful API program and tools and best practices to manage APIs in any environment.

Download this free whitepaper to get insights into:

  • Where and why APIs matter
  • Ways to add value beyond just the essentials
  • The API experience
    • APIs across the customer lifecycle
  • Why is API management so important
  • Pitfalls of building it yourself
    • Case study from HomeJini
    • Components of API management

Download the whitepaper

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