API and integration governance

Create agile governance and achieve both speed and control

To sustain a high rate of API and integration delivery over a long series of business change projects, you need independent high-performing teams that operate within an overall architecture for collaboration. At Torry Harris, we can craft Agile, collab-driven governance because we know which API and integration designs matter most, when to apply how much governance, and how to structure flexible, automated asset life cycles.

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What we do for API and integration governance

We help in...

Assessing your API and integration maturity, then crafting an improvement plan customized to your organization's culture and business goals
Establishing strong API and integration taxonomies, design patterns, and decision trees, which are the foundation for connecting teams and guiding Agile governance
Building flexible governance structures, processes, and mechanisms that apply less or more governance based on business criticality, data sensitivity, security risk, and other contextual factors
Growing the organizational culture and competence you need for teams to operate in the collaborative-independent style needed for Agile governance

What our clients and analysts are saying…


48 disrupts market with unique digital experience for its young customers

The video features Paddy Leahy, Digital Product Lead at 48, Three Ireland. In a first for the Irish market, 48 offers its subscribers a choice of how they use their data allowance via “Flexi Data” in the my48 application. In this video, Paddy discusses how 48’s flexible, digital-only proposition was made possible by migrating legacy systems and infrastructure to the cloud, working with partner Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS). A complete overhaul of customer portals and user experience further accelerated 48’s digital transformation.


Torry Harris helps Schneider Electric to integrate over 21 ERPs across 40 countries

Jean-Christophe Pharose, Global Finance Program Manager at Schneider Electric, talks about the “Concur” program, why it is useful and how Torry Harris played a crucial role in its success.

Our approach and tools

For APIs and integration, well-crafted designs foster long-term agility. Offhanded, isolated designs make only one-time point solutions. But design governance must be flexible so that you can let teams work independently on low-risk assets while requiring efficient collaboration for assets that most impact business agility. To make this happen at your organization, we ensure a strong understanding of:

  • When and how API and integration design affect business agility
  • How to determine the right level of governance for a given API or integration
  • How to establish and evolve API taxonomies and design guidance
  • How to evolve coherent portfolios of APIs that work together
  • How to choose the right integration style and tool for each situation
What aspect of governance needs improvement? What is our expertise? What tools do we use?
Overall approach to and structure for governance
  • Governance frameworks
  • Governance tools
  • THIS API and Application Integration Governance Framework
Aligning governance with digital business initiatives
  • Dynamic business ecosystems
  • Portfolio management for projects, APIs, and IT
  • Evolving and implementing governance
  • Demand management practices
  • API funding and charge-back models
  • API monetization models
  • API developer experience metrics
Governance roles, decision rights, and responsibilities
  • Organizational dynamics
  • Agile collaboration
  • Stakeholder role definition: Beneficiaries, Enablers, and Catalysts
Identifying where governance is strong or weak
  • Requirements for effective, efficient governance
  • THIS application integration maturity model matrix
Ensuring optimized decisions between integration styles
  • Integration technologies
  • Integration patterns
  • Integration architecture
  • THIS integration reference architecture
  • THIS integration master decision tree
  • API security guidelines
Integration lifecycle management
  • Establishing API lifecycle
  • Demand management
  • Automation tools
  • Demand management
  • RepoPro - enterprise repository
API management governance
  • Establishing API management program (for both internal and external users)
  • Demand management
  • Establishing business value for APIs
  • Developer experience metrics
  • API management best practices
  • API security guidelines
  • API management product selection guidelines
  • API Sandbox best practices

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