Enterprise Gamification Solutions

Numerous examples prove that enterprises worldwide are using Gamification (the use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users) as a means to connect with their employees and customers in a fun yet meaningful manner. We recognized the power of this medium early on and formed a dedicated Gamification division in 2008. Here is what we do to assist you with your Enterprise Gamification needs:

Workshops & Consulting

The workshops are mainly about brainstorming! There is no better way to come out with an innovative list of ideas, spontaneously contributed by all stakeholders concerned. The following steps lead us to a more concrete conclusion on what needs to be gamified and why!

  • Group Ideation Sessions (where and how to apply Game Thinking and design)
  • Choosing the pilot (short-list from the ideas generated)
  • Reaching agreement on what ROI could be expected and when
  • Approach to implement the gamification solutions pilot chosen

Gamification Implementation

The delivery of Gamified experiences often involves enhancing existing web and mobile applications to add game elements to them. E.g. Scores in scorecards/leader-boards are mapped to the player’s contextual data such as number of sales orders or purchases etc. Such implementations involve system integration activities and follow the complete software change lifecycle. This is our core strength, given our 20 years of focus in Integration.

Frameworks, Tools & Solution Accelerators

Integrated frameworks, tools and solution accelerators give your gamification process a speedy start. Torry Harris has developed integrated frameworks, tools and gamification solution accelerators, to expedite the process of applying Game Thinking and design in any given context. The frameworks assist in identifying & analysing engagement scenarios as well as in enforcing the required governance and discipline to enable enterprises to focus on the ROI.

Applying Gamification – Use Cases

  • Can be used by Telcos for marketing & customer engagement
  • Real time network analytics and customer feedback
  • Insights into competitors’ network strength at various geo-locations
  • Opens new revenue channel via rewards system
  • A platform to contact and on-board new customers

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