Torry Harris works with enterprises to integrate and API-enable their assets for the IoT ecosystem, delivering fast and effective connectivity with people, applications and things. Our IoT integration platform "IoT Glue®", follows the Industry 4.0 design principles:

IoT Internet of Things Solutions
IoT Service Offerings

Aside from offering a 'Gateway to the Internet of Things' in the form of 'DigitMarketTM – API Gateway', a product which gives you a simple and secure means to connect to things, applications and people, we have also put together the following service offerings to further assist with your IoT initiatives.

IoT Strategy

  • Guidance for businesses looking to define an IoT strategy, outlining the business value of different IoT use-cases
  • Defining the specific parameters that impact your RoI
  • Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of your IoT initiative
  • IoT system integration/application integration
  • Creation of an IoT technology strategy, identifying key hardware, software and middleware components required for the solution

IoT Application Integration

  • Proposing solutions to enable heterogeneous components to communicate
  • Advice on API Enablement of devices
  • Defining standards and methodologies for monitoring and management
  • Security audit of IoT platforms
  • Security layer enhancement / development
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Cloud-based hosting for data storage, analysis and processing
  • Customized and real-time reporting
  • Machine learning, creation of a rules engine to detect risks and patterns

IoT Ecosystem and Collaboration

  • Partnerships with white-label hardware manufacturers to offer your business more comprehensive solutions
  • Collaboration with IoT-standards bodies such as AllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Foundation and the Industrial Internet Consortium to closely monitor developments in this area and ensure that initiatives are standards-compliant

Gateway to IoT

  • Connect your enterprise assets with the outside world with DigitMarketTM API Gateway
  • Seamlessly manage your API cycles to connect disperse things
  • Scale your APIs and expose them at lightning speed
  • DigitMarketTM is a secure and scalable API Gateway
  • DigitMarketTM API Gateway allows you to create as many gateways as you like
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IoT Services & Solutions
IoT Services
Torry Harris - a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Specialist API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers
As APIs become important enablers of digital transformation, it is imperative to choose a vendor that delivers strong business technology vision. Forrester notes, “Torry Harris invests heavily in productized delivery accelerators that it can sell standalone or leave behind when it finishes its delivery work. Of particular note is DigitMarketTM — a digital marketplace offering.”
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Analytics Insight has named Torry Harris as one among 'The 10 Most Valuable Digital Transformation Companies'
The issue recognizes 10 companies which are significantly accelerating innovation by integrating disruptive technologies, re-inventing business models and transforming business processes to deliver improved customer service and experience.
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Forrester Vendor Landscape: IoT Professional Services
Forrester Research interviewed Torry Harris for this report and recognized the company as an agile development and engineering firm. Forrester says Torry Harris is skilled at delivering engineering, design, and software innovation services to address business-critical digital transformation projects.
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