Your legacy assets, built over the years, are important and valuable.

Torry Harris helps IT leaders analyze, extract and modernize functionality from their legacy estate in a consistent manner for a standardized, accelerated move to a cloud native setup.

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Your legacy assets, often, become your core business differentiators. The business rules and transactions built into them, over many years, are still highly relevant and valid. A few ways to get more value out of legacy would be to:


Wire them together in new ways


Make them more accessible to customers and partners


Combine them with new capabilities


Make them more scalable

How do you better leverage legacy assets without having to rebuild them from scratch?

We help leverage your legacy investments through:

Legacy modernization strategy

  • Study the legacy landscape to identify which parts require modernization
  • Define a legacy modernization and co-existence roadmap
  • Define governance, architecture principles and reference architecture aligned to roadmap

Legacy to cloud native application transformation services

  • Use our legacy to cloud native kit as building blocks to accelerate moving to a cloud native setup
  • Establish the application development lifecycle using DevOps and CI/CD pipelines
  • Decompose legacy application using microservice based architecture
  • Assist in selecting the right microservice technology stack that best fits your organization

Cloud integration and migration services

  • Integrate SaaS business products and legacy the right way
  • Address data integration patterns when containerizing data
  • Provide adapters to common legacy protocols, available as part our kit

Moving to an API-driven, service-based architecture

  • Establish and align the service lifecycle to transform your API-driven integration practice
  • Setup developer portals and a robust enterprise repository to automate the discovery, provisioning and consumption of APIs through the citizen integrator principle
  • Setup hybrid integration models for co-existence of SaaS, legacy, traditional integration, microservices and partner applications

Improved automation

  • Use intelligent automation in all stages of your API and microservices development lifecycle through our design tools, development accelerators, test automation frameworks, workflow-driven deployment automation and sandbox provisioning
  • Leverage tools and frameworks from our legacy to cloud native kit to automate your workflow
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With our legacy to cloud native kit, you can leverage ready-to-deploy digital tools, automation frameworks, and services aligned to industry standards. The kit will help you build scale and efficiency while standardizing cloud native components across group companies and reducing OpEx costs.


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