Torry Harris helps enterprises maximize the value of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Cloud and Google Cloud Computing Services enable businesses to rapidly deliver reliable and secure services, process, analyse data and deliver their digital strategy goals faster.

Torry Harris provides expert integration services that enterprises need to harmonize their IT systems with GCP and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Our certified GCP team works with customer teams to create and implement a complete digital strategy customized to meet business requirements. We help you to leverage GCP’s infrastructure, platform, data analytics and serverless computing environments to minimize development costs and speed time to market for new offerings.

What we do

Our partnership with GCP ensures your cloud strategy generates real value and delivers successful business outcomes. Together, Torry Harris and GCP deliver digital solutions for enterprises across a range of sectors, including:

  1. We build 5G edge computing solutions that bring together mobile network, technology and edge computing to deliver new revenue-generating services and improve service quality.
  2. We enable network operators to modernize existing applications or build new network-centric ones that run securely on-premises or in hybrid and multicloud environments.
  3. We reimagine the customer journey by implementing smart analytics, including insights, data-driven decisions and fraud detection, which improve customer experience and expose opportunities for offers and services.
  1. We increase efficiency and improve delivery of government services, such as smart transportation applications, emergency services and vaccine distribution.
  2. We help public sector employees work better together by using cloud-based digital collaboration tools.
  3. Our teams help government agencies find and retain talent by enabling AI-powered virtual career centers.
Supply chain and logistics
  1. We help companies minimize risks, costs and environmental impact across supply chains while ensuring business continuity in the event of disruption to supply or distribution.
  2. Our teams provide smart warehousing solutions, fleet management and tools for tracking assets.

Torry Harris delivers integration services for GCP products and Cloud Computing services:

  • Google App Engine: Enables you to build highly scalable apps on a managed serverless platform, saving time for developers by removing the need to manage servers and configuration deployments.
  • Google Cloud SDK: Offers tools and libraries for using Google Cloud services.
  • Google Cloud Run: Delivers managed serverless platform to develop and deploy scalable containerized apps.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine: Provides managed environment for deploying, scaling, and managing containerized apps.
  • Knative: Provides components for building and running apps on Kubernetes.
  • Google Cloud Functions: Enables simple, single-purpose functions to be built and connected in a serverless execution environment.
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine: Simplifies migration of VMware-based apps to Google Cloud by preserving app features, tools and processes.
  • Google storage services: Google Filestore provides high-performance managed storage for apps that are latency sensitive. Google Persistent Disk provides block storage for virtual machine instances. Google Cloud Storage offers object storage that is reliable and secure for any amount of data.
  • Google Firestore is a managed, scalable, serverless document database that accelerates app development.
  • Data analytics services: BigQuery is a multi-cloud data warehouse that delivers flexible, scalable data analytics. Dataproc Metastore delivers a serverless Apache Hive metastore running on Google Cloud that is managed, highly available and autohealing. Cloud Composer orchestrates workflows across on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Cloud AutoML: Simplifies process of training machine learning models.
  • Vision AI: Generates insights from image detection and classification in the cloud or at the network edge.
  • Vision API: Provides pre-trained models for detecting emotion and understanding text, enabling retailers to create engaging customer experiences.

Our services that support you with GCP include:

Compute, Storage and Database services
  • We help you code, build and deploy scalable applications faster.
  • Our experts transform your existing apps with increased agility.
  • We enable you to build complex, scalable data pipelines from large amounts of data.
  • We establish continuous delivery environments with containers and enable automatic serverless deployments for containerized apps.
API Management services
  • We build and manage applications running across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • We enable your APIs to be managed across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • We streamline development processes through API environment propagation and automation.
  • We monitor performance and ensure stability of your applications and systems.
  • We keep your APIs up to date through versioning and release management.
  • We support Google Apigee, Apigee Hybrid, Apigee Private Cloud, Google API Gateway and Cloud Endpoints.
Data analytics, AI, BI and Machine Learning services
  • We help you use your enterprise data to create engaging experiences that increase loyalty and revenue by categorizing customers, generating new audience, and customizing content at scale.
  • We deliver high-value user experiences and transform business processes.
  • Our integration services enable you to ingest, normalize and analyze data at scale.
  • Our experts support you with rehosting your data lake, bursting data lake overload or building a cloud native data lake.
  • We enable real-time personalization, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance. We also provide unified streaming and batch data analysis.

Why we are different

  • For more than 20 years, Torry Harris has specialized in integration and APIs, enabling enterprises to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
  • Torry Harris is a recognized leader in API strategy and delivery with a team of experts in API design, development and monetization. We are a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave buying guide for API Management solutions.
  • We believe integration is fundamental to digital transformation, be it on-premise, hybrid integration or multicloud integration platforms. We take a holistic approach to integration that starts with understanding your business objectives and designing solutions that will achieve the goals of your digital investment.
  • With more than two decades of experience, we have established a Hybrid Integration Platform model that ensures seamless integration among on-premises, public, private and multicloud environments and provides the building blocks for modernizing integration tools and practices.
  • We are architects and masons: we provide turnkey integration services, helping you in everything from product evaluations, technical strategy and integration architecture to API management services.

Meet our GCP services team:

Abhishek Sharma


Harshith S H

Senior Software Engineer

Venkata Reddy Yarrabotula