Communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide are under considerable competitive and financial pressure. This necessitates discussions about future business models, and for many operators talk quickly turns to the potential role for 5G in tapping new sources of revenue.

This report examines the new business models CSPs can use to capitalize on 5G. Read it to understand:

  • Whether it’s necessary for CSPs to diversify and move beyond connectivity
  • How spectrum availability, cloud computing and edge computing could revolutionize business models
  • Which consumer 5G use cases are most promising
  • Why early 5G pricing for consumer services points to fixed-mobile convergence
  • Why B2B is important for 5G
  • Which business models operators are considering for enterprises
  • How the first 5G deployments are targeting consumers and enterprises simultaneously
  • Why it’s important to consider platform business models

A complimentary copy of the report can be downloaded below:

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