Ovum’s “On the Radar” report assessed DigitMarketTM as “a single, comprehensive package providing enterprises with a ready set of tools to create and manage digital platforms and a secure channel to share and monetize data as they proceed through their digital transformation journeys.”

According to Ovum, “DigitMarketTM allows easy onboarding of partners and curation of content and can function as a marketplace for both physical and digital products (such as APIs) for the enterprise and its partners. DigitMarketTM is vertical agnostic (although vertical-specific templates are available) and can be white-labeled and configured to allow enterprises flexibility in how they market the platform.”

The report says, “DigitMarketTM provides a viable solution for enterprises to quickly build and scale a digital platform to support their customers, at less cost and risk than building one from the ground up, while providing quick returns on investment.”

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