This ‘Now Tech’ report from Forrester urges enterprises to improve their Digital Transformation initiatives with Microservices Strategy and Delivery services. It says “Microservice architectures increase an organization’s rate of digital change by enabling faster change to the technical solutions that underpin any transformation initiative. Outside expertise can help with both architecture and strategy for microservice adoption.”

Forrester defines this specialised segment as: “A consulting firm or systems integrator that, in addition to delivering solutions that employ microservice architecture, is organized to assist technology user enterprises to design, establish, and mature their organizational competency and strategy for microservices.”

The report categorizes the vendors based on the following functionality segments:

  • Microservices Strategy and Architecture
  • Microservices Build and Implementation
  • Microservices Managed Operations

Forrester cites Torry Harris as a midsize vendor with its microservices practice embedded across its SOA, API and Integration teams. THBS is noted to have capability in all three of the functionality segments mentioned above.

*Read the complete report on Forrester’s website (access requires subscription).

Forrester's Overview of 17 Microservices Strategy and Delivery Service Providers

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