We returned to DTW at ‘Ignite-2023’ in Copenhagen for an insightful discussion about ‘Which Marketplace model is the next growth engine for CSPs?’ hosted by our team Mark Thomas and Joffey Chandy.

Help the golden goose, use a marketplace model that lays the right eggs!

You provide a Marketplace to allow the sale of other companies’ products, to compliment your offerings.

You expose your core services to third parties e.g. network capabilities.

You become the Marketplace provider, enabling your suppliers’ Marketplaces, growing your network exponentially.



19 - 21, 2023


Bella Center,

Ørestad, Copenhagen

Mark Thomas is the Head of Architecture, Strategy & Transformation at Torry Harris and brings over three decades of professional business acumen. Mark possesses a remarkable ability to accelerate digital transformation initiatives, offering strategic insights, governance and direction, shaping the initiative for success.

Joffey Chandy is the Business Head, Europe Operations at Torry Harris. Joffey is an IT savant leading pivotal roles in India and the UK to deliver high-impact solutions with a focus on large-scale post-merger integrations and IT modernization.

Increase the frequency of client engagements

Expand coverage of your customer / user journey

Automate personalization and curation

Increase your wallet share

Build, manage & monetize API products for external & internal ecosystems

Create meaningful APIs, build API products

Promote use of APIs by external ecosystem players and internal developers

Set API pricing plans for API monetization

Implement secure access through robust policies