A legacy transformation can be a complex undertaking which requires organizations to be mindful about critical challenges and ensure a step-by-step approach to execution. In an ever-evolving technology landscape, investments in legacy modernization lend agility to businesses helping them to innovate, secure their operations and ensure long-term success. This on-demand webinar offers CIO level insights on navigating critical transformation challenges and techniques to ensure successful execution.

  • Understand and address the top challenges when migrating legacy systems to cloud.
  • Identify the triggers for enterprises to opt for a legacy transformation.
  • Insights for CIOs to streamline legacy IT infrastructure and seamlessly transition to cloud.
  • Understand the business value of an integration focused legacy transformation with best practices and a high-impact industry case study.
Ranganatha GM
Digital & Cloud Transformation Specialist
Centre of Excellence, Torry Harris Integration Solutions
Ranganatha GM is a Digital & Cloud Transformation Specialist at Torry Harris with over twenty years of experience. Through his vast client experience, particularly in the telecom domain, Ranga possesses an in-depth understanding of architectural challenges and solution expertise in IT modernization.