The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), standardizes APIs and it is estimated that APIs are used by 80% of U.S. hospitals and clinicians but currently are utilized in only a fraction of their potential use-cases. Today, increasing industry regulations are steadily driving the wider adoption of the FHIR APIs leading to greater operational efficiencies, reducing costs, enabling better patient outcomes and new monetization channels.

Torry Harris assists clients across various sectors in implementing APIs to extract maximum value from data exchange and interoperability. Our Interoperability Kit for Digital Healthcare Data Exchange simplifies and expedites the adoption of FHIR-compliant APIs for healthcare organizations.

Explore our approach and tools

Accelerate and simplify FHIR enablement

Collaborate and conduct FHIR-readiness assessments, evaluating applications, technologies, infrastructure, and policies and more.
Facilitate modernization of legacy assets and assess cloud-native technology adoption leveraging third-party SaaS applications and microservices for IT capabilities and customer data to ensure FHIR compliance.
Facilitate healthcare transformation focused workshops with business and IT stakeholders to articulate a strategy, roadmap, and transformation plan.
Manage API technology implementation to identify the appropriate stack for exposing FHIR-compliant data and functional blocks, setting up a developer portal, and implementing an API sandbox to streamline testing and third-party API adoption.
Support for API platforms and digital marketplaces by defining operational metrics for IT support and operations ((SLAs and KPIs). Setup of system observability tools, engineering processes for site reliability and chaos engineering practices to improve operational stability of the system.

Our approach and tools

THIS can help you achieve:

  • Clearly defined business outcomes supplemented with FHIR-compliant APIs
  • API-enabled integration to empower employees, improved patient experiences, and adaptability to an evolving ecosystem, market, and operational conditions."
  • A mature governance framework to ensure compliant APIs and consistency in implementation.
  • Quicker time-to-benefit for customers by leveraging a range of proven, specialist API tools.
API Analysis

RepoProTM is a central enterprise repository tool to simplify storage and track assets, which provides dynamic visualization of relationships between assets. This enables project and program managers to plan better by foreseeing dependencies while solution designers can derive meaningful information about policies and metadata with ease.

API Design

RepoProTM – see above.

DOC Vision supports the creation of multipage API documentation, which is a critical step in the lifecycle.

API Development, API Testing, API Management

Coupler offers an alternative, simpler method to build microservices using a low-code, no-code approach and can accelerate microservices initiatives by 40%.

AutoStub® can speed up API development by up to 20% as it can reduce build time by designing, prototyping, documenting and testing APIs using a functional mock that allows developers to work with APIs before they are fully implemented.

Deplomatic can reduce governance costs by 35% as an API-first, integration-friendly tool for quickly creating and maintaining cloud native data environments that run on containers. It and ensures deployments are less error-prone and more repeatable.

AutomatonTM can reduce test effort by 30% as multiple award-winning, no-code tool that automates testing of data interfaces, APIs, user interface components and all the other elements of an application. Users can run tests without coding knowledge.

Torry Harris API Manager - TH-APIM is a complete package to help manage APIs and turn them into competitive business and operational assets that can be monetized.

Additional resources

IoT Glue® is a mobile-enabled IoT integration platform is API-driven and helps build IoT ecosystems faster and allows enterprises to monetize IoT investments by gluing disparate entities together.

MySandbox is a platform accelerates the onboarding of applications on a continuous delivery pipeline, thereby shortening implementation times.

Torry Harris Marketplace – TH-M has won awards in recognition of its ease and efficiency in enabling customers to build B2B, B2C and B2B2X digital ecosystems quickly – within days. Enterprises can rapidly offer their core assets in an as-a-service model to the participants in their marketplace or ecosystem.

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48 disrupts market with unique digital experience for its young customers

The video features Paddy Leahy, Digital Product Lead at 48, Three Ireland. In a first for the Irish market, 48 offers its subscribers a choice of how they use their data allowance via “Flexi Data” in the my48 application. In this video, Paddy discusses how 48’s flexible, digital-only proposition was made possible by migrating legacy systems and infrastructure to the cloud, working with partner Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS). A complete overhaul of customer portals and user experience further accelerated 48’s digital transformation.


Torry Harris helps Schneider Electric to integrate over 21 ERPs across 40 countries

Jean-Christophe Pharose, Global Finance Program Manager at Schneider Electric, talks about the “Concur” program, why it is useful and how Torry Harris played a crucial role in its success.