Torry Harris helps enterprises maximize the value of Apigee API Management through our partnership with Google Cloud. Our end-to-end solutions are tailored to your business requirements to ensure the Apigee API Management platform meets your API strategy goals and business objectives.

Our complete API management services and system integration solutions enable you to accelerate your digital transformation, monetize data assets and securely deliver new digital applications.

What we do

Apigee API Management from Google Cloud provides tools for designing, securing, monitoring, and monetizing APIs.

If your API program is based on Google Cloud Apigee, Torry Harris provides the system integration services you need to realize the full value of your implementation and deliver successful business outcomes.

We deliver customized services for the Apigee API Management platform, including API analytics, developer portal management and integration solutions.

Our services support Apigee’s key features:

  • Full suite of design services for custom APIs, including process definition, design time governance and automation as well as well-defined security.
  • Apigee Edge solutions that enable enterprises to develop and manage APIs.
  • Support for Apigee API Exchange, which ensures interoperability among internal and partner APIs to build and expand digital ecosystems.
  • Apigee data services for analyzing API traffic data and provide feedback on performance to operations teams and app developers.
  • Apigee monetization services that augment the platform’s out-of-the-box tools for scaling API programs and generating new revenue.

Torry Harris delivers Google Cloud APIgee expertise:


Consulting and Design Services: Our Apigee experts analyze your business requirements and deliver integration services designed to meet your needs.


API and Application Integration Governance: The THIS API and Application Integration Governance Framework enables cohesive integration across the enterprise such that all elements are connected, rationalized and organized to provide consistent guidance and incentives that executives and business leaders require.


Setup and Implementation: We define and design end-to-end integration architectures for API ecosystems that deliver business value for your enterprise. We help setup Apigee in your environment, configure it and make it work for specific customer journeys and use-cases.


Support and Maintenance: On-demand technical assistance ensures zero downtime and enables your teams to focus on emerging opportunities to grow your business.


Migration: We help you by providing solutions and consultancy services for migrating your existing API management platform to Google Cloud Apigee. Our experts have successfully migrated WSO2, Mulesoft, and IBM API Connect to the Google Cloud Apigee platform.


Training: We provide coaching and digital upskilling services to help your teams learn the tools, frameworks and processes, including the Apigee API Management product, necessary for building the required awareness and knowledge to work with the product.

Our services to help you with GCP include:

API Management services (Apigee, Apigee Hybrid, Apigee Private Cloud, API Gateway, Cloud Endpoints)

1. Build and manage applications running across hybrid cloud environments

2. API environment propagation and automation

3. Performance and stability monitoring

4. Apigee: Versioning and release management

Compute, Storage and Database services (App Engine, GCVE, Cloud Filestore, Persistent disk, Firestore, CloudSQL)

1. Code, build, and deploy scalable applications faster

2. Transform existing apps with increased agility

3. Transform large amounts of data and build complex, scalable data pipelines

4. Continuous delivery with containers and automatic serverless deployments

Data analytics, AI, BI and Machine Learning services (BigQuery, Cloud Composer, Dataproc Metastore, AutoML, Cloud Vision,

1. Ingest, normalize and analyze data at scale

2. Rehost your data lake, burst data lake overload or build a cloud native data lake

3. Unify streaming and batch data analysis. Facilitate real-time personalization, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance scenarios

4. Deliver high-value user experiences and transform business processes

5. Create engaging experiences that increase loyalty and revenue by categorizing customers, generating new audience, and customizing content at scale

Why choose Torry Harris

  • For more than 20 years, Torry Harris has specialized in integration and APIs, enabling enterprises to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
  • Torry Harris is a recognized leader in API strategy and delivery with a team of experts in API design, development and monetization. We are a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave buying guide for API Management solutions.
  • We believe API management is one component of digital enablement. We take a holistic approach to integration that starts with understanding your business objectives and designing solutions that will achieve the goals of your API management investment.
  • We are architects and masons: we provide turnkey API management platform services, helping you in everything from product evaluations, technical strategy and integration architecture to API identification, reuse and factory-based implementation services.
  • With more than two decades of experience, we have established an API and Application Integration Governance framework that ensures best practices to meet all stakeholders’ needs.
  • Our robust API Factory model enables highly efficient, large-scale implementation of APIs using Google Cloud Apigee.

Our partnership with Google Cloud delivers complete solutions for creating digital ecosystems and marketplaces. In addition to support for Apigee, we help enterprises develop cloud native applications and facilitate migration to hybrid and multi-cloud environments using Google Cloud products, including Containers, analytics platform and developer tools for cloud native applications.

Meet our GCP services team:

Arunkumar Prusothaman

Technical Lead

Dipali Patidar

Technical Lead

Pramitha Baliga Bantwal

Associate Technologist

Sangeetha Prahlada Laleetha

Senior Software Engineer

Sripathi Acharya

Principal Consultant

Akarsh M S

Software Engineer



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