Torry Harris helps enterprises harness the power of Microsoft Azure. The Azure cloud platform comprises more than 200 Azure cloud computing services for building, testing, deploying and managing applications across multiple cloud environments from on-premises to the edge.

Torry Harris provides the expert integration services that bring together your IT systems with Azure cloud services to accelerate your digital transformation and create highly available, scalable cloud applications and APIs. Our certified Azure team delivers a cohesive digital strategy and implementation that enables you to generate real business value and benefit from the agility, flexibility and affordability of the Azure cloud platform.

What we do

If your cloud strategy relies on Microsoft Azure, we provide the integration you need to deliver business results by modernizing applications, streamlining processes and unlocking data value. We help you to make the best use of pay-as-you-go Azure cloud services, including Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service, as well as Microsoft’s ecosystem of software, systems, frameworks and programming languages.

We ensure that your cloud implementation is right for your business by aligning your digital strategy with migration paths to Azure hybrid cloud and Azure multicloud that let you run Azure cloud services anywhere.

Torry Harris expertise supports Microsoft Azure’s key features, including:


Microsoft Power Apps: Accelerates and simplifies cloud application delivery by offering a low-code approach to build and deploy apps quickly.


Azure analytics services: Azure Databricks helps enterprises scale artificial intelligence (AI) and unlock the value of disparate and complex data. Azure Synapse makes data accessible to everyone and brings together data lakes and data warehouses.


Azure AI platform: Brings AI to enterprise business processes to accelerate development and problem solving.


Azure Data Factory: Provides easy data integration across digital transformation initiatives and unlocks business insights when combined with Azure Synapse analytics service.


Azure Front Door: Enables you to build, operate and scale out dynamic web applications and static content to increase app performance and reliability.


Azure Site Recovery: Provides a built-in disaster recovery service for your business that is flexible and simple to use.

Our services that support you with Microsoft Azure include:

Compute, Storage and Database services

  1. We help you code, build and deploy scalable applications faster and transform existing apps with increased agility.
  2. We enable you to build complex, scalable data pipelines from large amounts of data
  3. We support continuous delivery with containers and automatic serverless deployments.
  4. We deliver data backup with defined frequency and restore.
  5. We provide support for Azure Virtual Machine on-demand, scalable compute resource.
  6. We support Azure Active Directory integration; multi-factor authentication; Single Sign-On for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS cloud applications

Azure Network and Security Services

  1. We enable you to perform networking operations within the Azure environment with high reliability and security.
  2. We support connectivity between Azure resources and on-premises infrastructure via multiple networking services, including Azure Virtual Network, Azure ExpressRoute and Azure DNS.
  3. We support high-performance application delivery via Azure Traffic Manager and Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  4. We help you identify and respond to cloud security threats to protect apps, data, and infrastructure.
  5. Our team takes care of managing encryption keys and other sensitive assets.

Data analytics, AI, BI and Machine Learning services

  1. We provide real-time analytics and a complex event-processing engine that allows you to ingest, normalize, and analyze data at scale.
  2. We enable fast and scalable data exploration of log and telemetry.
  3. We create interactive workspace and streamlined workflows to promote collaboration among data scientists, data engineers and business analysts.
  4. We help you to transform data into insights for rapid, accurate decision making with Azure business intelligence tools and analytics services, including Azure Power BI, Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks and Azure Data Factory.
  5. We leverage Hadoop tools, including Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Hive, Storm and HBase, to support efficient data processing.
  6. We help you build Azure Machine Learning pipelines (including training, evaluation and testing) to accelerate ML project lifecycles.
  7. Our team helps you use Azure AI solutions to deliver high-value user experiences and accelerate business processes.

Why we are different

  • For more than 20 years, Torry Harris has specialized in integration and APIs, enabling enterprises to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
  • Torry Harris is a recognized leader in API strategy and delivery with a team of experts in API design, development and monetization. We are a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave buying guide for API Management solutions.
  • We believe integration is fundamental to digital transformation. We take a holistic approach to integration that starts with understanding your business objectives and designing solutions that will achieve the goals of your digital investment.
  • With more than two decades of experience, we have established a Hybrid Integration Platform model that ensures seamless integration among on-premises, public, private and multicloud environments and provides the building blocks for modernizing integration tools and practices.
  • We are architects and masons: we provide turnkey integration services, helping you in everything from product evaluations, technical strategy and integration architecture to API management services.



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