TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2024

TM Forum DTW 2024

Telco transformation, Digital commerce / Marketplace solution, Cost-effective Global capability center…

  • Small pods to pilot your Gen AI and ML initiatives
  • Better utilization of Cloud capabilities (from multiple cloud vendors)
  • Migration of legacy to expose and consume functionality
  • Simplifying IT operations with automation and personalization
  • Own / operate a digital marketplace (B2B, B2C or B2B2X)
  • Simple, AI-driven digital marketplace with the most attractive price to feature ratio
  • Built to get CSPs to market faster with an integrated network of partnerships
  • “Community edition” to cater to the needs of SMBs

Torry Harris is a leading contributor to the Moonshot catalyst “AI-powered fraud-defense: Turning vulnerability into profitability”, which will be showcased at DTW 2024, Copenhagen.

This catalyst demonstrates how the power of Generative AI and LLMs can help telcos not only mitigate fraud on their networks, but also extends to fraud management for other verticals, opening new revenue streams.

The objective of Moonshot Catalyst:

  • AI-Agents Powered Defense
  • Turning Defense into Revenue
  • Unlocking Telco Data Potential

The Moonshot Catalyst is supported by two of our leading products:

API Manager

API Gateway and Developer Portal for API discovery, API sandbox and monetization

Torry Harris Digital Marketplace

Data Marketplace for discovery and exchange of data sets