Digital Transformation is a prerequisite for all organizations in today’s dynamic ever-changing ecosystem of technology. This new transformation is changing business models and processes; making them increasingly customer-centric. With the amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies, digital transformation is becoming more efficient and innovative. A company which is enabling digital evolution with its IT strategy consisting of imperative components is Torry Harris Business Solutions.

Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) is a global leader and specialist provider of Integration solutions as a means to Digital Transformation and Digital Ecosystems. The company has over 20 years of experience in connecting systems, things and people through Integration, APIs, Microservices, and IoT.

The company helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs), BFSI and Energy enterprises to monetize their core assets, to create new vertical business ecosystems through a Digital Marketplace strategy. THBS provides turnkey solutions across digital strategy consulting, architecture, design & build. It offers a full range of version managed products to help digitalize enterprises: DigitMarketTM API Gateway, RepoProTM (Enterprise Repository tool), IoT Glue® (IoT integration toolkit) and DigitMarketTM (Accelerating Digital Marketplaces).

From Inception to Enabling Transformation

Torry Harris Business Solutions’ mission is “To be the provider of choice to facilitate adoption and use of API driven digital opportunities that make a critical difference to business”

The founding members of THBS belonged to a company called Transarc, a Pittsburgh-based Software Company. Transarc was purchased by IBM in 1994.

Several former members from Transarc formed Torry Harris. THBS Solutions was founded in 1998 to offer IT services in the middleware and distributed-computing areas. To this day, the focus of the company continues to be in the middleware space through Integration, APIs, and Microservices. THBS is thus able to provide 20 years of focused expertise in enabling digital transformation for customers.

Integration Leading to Algorithmic Revolution

THBS provides turnkey solutions across strategy consulting, architecture, design & build. The company is considered both “Architects” and “Masons” in this space. THBS’s products and system integration services address the entire digital transformation lifecycle needs of its customers. They are categorized broadly into four blocks:

1) Strategy

2) Access control and Security

3) Governance

4) Legacy Enablement

The Strategy tool-kit contains the Digital and API Strategy acceleration tools. The Access Control and Security block contain tools for API Management and Exposure. The Governance block has frameworks, best practices and governing principles for APIs. The Legacy Enablement block has tools to modernize the existing legacy assets of an enterprise.

THBS is a pioneer in setting up the API Factory Model. API Factory model is a proven concept to succeed with full life-cycle API delivery and management. This highly refined, the lean model helps churn out large volumes of standardized APIs with predictability in time, cost and quality

The industry recognized, version managed, commercially licensed products from Torry Harris include:

1) DigitMarketTM API Manager – for full lifecycle API Management

2) RepoProTM – A comprehensive repository for your enterprise assets

3) IoT Glue® – A glue to integrate & manage disparate IoT devices

4) DigitMarketTM – Accelerates your Digital Marketplace

Contribution to the Technology Universe

Torry Harris contributes to the nation by empowering its people with access to the digital technology forces listed above through a platform business model. The company calls this initiative “Democratization of Digital”, and its aim is to provide access to technology to people from the lower economic background through a platform business model, who otherwise have no means to realize the benefits of digital forces. THBS has launched its own startup business “Home Jini” that provides a home services platform for all residential customers. Home Jini is powered by its own technology stack – Digit Market, which fully leverages Big Data Analytics, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, etc.

THBS’s fleet management solution “Fleeto”, powered by IoT Glue®, leverages key Digital technology forces such as Big Data Analytics/ AI/ ML/ Cloud/ IoT, etc. The company’s strategy is to transform Fleeto’s into a Fleet Management platform business for democratizing Digital for Small and Medium Enterprises. THBS aims to contribute to Digital India initiative by allowing all its products to be re-branded and distributed by large enterprises like Nationalized banks, Large Telcos, etc as part of their own Digital Offering to SME segment.

Regulating with Disruptive Technologies

Karthik T.S, Head of CoE at THBS believes disruptive technologies like Cloud Computing/ IoT/ Big Data/ AI/ Computer Vision/Automation/ Robotics, etc have empowered entrepreneurs and small businesses to innovate new business models and leapfrog traditional enterprises. These business models are widely successful as they enrich the lives of people in innovative and affordable ways. The barriers of entry for providing such capabilities have greatly reduced over the years due to the availability of mature open source frameworks, people with skills, Cloud models such as SaaS, etc. The innovators use these technology forces as building blocks and focus completely on creatively solving customer’s problems. All the above factors contribute to greater innovation, which ultimately makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

Reformative Solutions Driving Innovation

Torry Harris Business Solutions are unique because:

1) It is a specialist, focused provider of integration solutions as a means of realizing Digital Transformation and Digital Ecosystems.

2) It brings 20 years of experience and expertise in connecting systems, things and people through Integration, APIs, Microservices, and IoT.

3) THBS provides System Integration services and version-managed products under one roof.

4) Torry Harris’ Business Architecture team along with the API Factory team provides the full range of services from consulting to implementation and support.

Innovation is encouraged in Torry Harris Business Solutions through multiple channels and collaborations. A key investment made by the company is the THBS Centre of Excellence (CoE). The CoE is an innovation hub that works to create customer-centric products with cutting-edge technology. The CoE Initiatives span across Integration, IoT, API Management, AI and Blockchain to name a few. It collaborates closely with standards bodies like TMForum, CMMI etc. to ensure compliance and quality.

Recognitions for the Significant Progress

THBS has received very positive feedback from customers, major industry analysts and industry award groups. Most recently, THBS has been nominated as Finalists for 2019, jointly with British Telecom, for the TMForum IT Transformation award. Torry Harris Business Solutions are “Strong Performers” in the Forrester Wave™: API Management Solution, Q4 2018” authored by Randy Hefner with Christopher Mines, Allison Vizgaitis, and Diane Lynch (October 29, 2018).

Challenges and Impediments to Growth

The company had a perception challenge in the market about being only the “Do’ers” or “Implementers”. Customers reached out to THBS after the strategy and design phase, only for implementation projects. This has now been addressed through the company’s “business architecture” team, which helps in the early stages of business planning through to strategy, architecture, and design.

Prospective Paths

Commenting on the industry outlook Karthik said, “We see the company as continuing to be a specialist, focused provider in the Integration solutions space, helping enterprises in their Digital Transformation & Digital Ecosystem journeys. The future lies in Digital Marketplaces and the ability to democratize digital. We firmly believe that the reach of digital should not be limited to a select few enterprises but cut across all economic segments of the society, without barriers. The more businesses we digitalize, the more benefits to all parties concerned”.

(*This article was originally published in the March 2019 issue of Analytics Insights magazine)

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