Statista calculates that there are approximately 260 million smart homes worldwide. And market growth rates are rising by about 16.7% year on year.

The forecast for smart home growth rates in 2021 can be adjusted upwards. People now spend nearly all of their time at home due to the impact of COVID.

Smart home controls

The smart home market has gone beyond homes that only required single task solutions. For example, enterprises that only serve homes with access control automation are now behind the pace of change.

It is more commonplace to offer multi-purpose smart home solutions.

Apple offers a solution for Apple smart home devices which also works for some devices from other vendors.

However, Apple’s solution can only be controlled from an iPhone or other Apple devices.

This still presents opportunities for large enterprises to bridge gaps in smart home solutions on the market.

Enterprises can offer complete solutions for managing an ecosystem of wide-ranging devices from various manufacturers.

Gaps in smart home solutions

The typical smart home has devices by multiple brands. This brings several service areas up for competition.

Vendors may have individual apps to control their respective devices. However, an app that offers universal smart home controls would set trends.

This is one of the obvious gaps asking to be filled by market savvy enterprises.

Bridging the smart home controls gap

Torry Harris provides a product that enables enterprises to bridge this gap. It is called IoT Glue®.

You can offer IoT Glue® based solutions to integrate smart devices from different manufacturers, bundled with your other IoT offerings You can also use the white-label option to brand your solution.

IoT Glue® provides an API Gateway to integrate devices from multiple manufacturers.

You can add new smart devices to IoT Glue® based on their published APIs.

Because it is API-driven, IoT Glue® has excellent potentials to integrate with all smart home devices. This allows you to operate an app that functions as a universal remote control for smart home devices.

As long as the devices have published APIs, IoT Glue® puts to rest any issues smart home users may have.

IoT Glue® goes even further because it has adaptors that support bespoke protocols.

This allows enterprises to offer the best combinations of smart home solutions.

IoT Glue® - The smart home solution

IoT Glue® is a low code, easy to use IoT integration framework on which enterprises can build their solutions.

Its architecture allows it to be extensible and scalable as it supports adaptors.

The framework also has capabilities that allow devices and applications to be integrated seamlessly.

smart home solution

IoT Glue® lets you configure predefined actions for daily tasks. And it includes a mix of device controls and API driven public services.

You can attach rule templates to each device to support everyday use cases. Smart home users can customize these rules in the app later.

IoT Glue® is ideal for businesses and the technical community.


Because IoT Glue®, is offered with excellent features, supports adaptable bespoke protocols. And of course, it’s offered as White Label. So, it's easy to rebrand and quick to market.

Click here to learn more about Torry Harris’ IoT Glue®.

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