February 17, 2024
AI integration in healthcare – Choose the right partners and tools

AI is revolutionizing healthcare by enhancing diagnostic accuracy, personalizing treatments, streamlining medical delivery, and facilitating industry advancements in predictive analytics, significantly improving patient outcomes.

February 14, 2024
Interoperability in healthcare for better patient care and efficacy

At Torry Harris, we are committed to creating future-fit organizations in healthcare through interoperability. Our Interoperability Kit for Digital Healthcare Data Exchange streamlines the adoption of FHIR-compliant APIs and optimizes the value derived from data exchange.

January 29, 2024
Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Healthcare regulations in the US, aimed at improving quality care, patient safety, and data privacy, have increased the cost, administrative, and audit burden on providers. Compliance is an increasingly complex subject, sometimes with regulations differing even between states, that existing systems and processes cannot tackle seamlessly and efficiently.

January 22, 2024
Cloud computing trends in healthcare

Cloud applications and services are bringing the benefits of the cloud to the healthcare industry including scalability to serve variable workloads, accelerating the speed of innovation, access to the latest security and infrastructure technology and big data diagnostics and analytics.

January 09, 2024
Digitization of Healthcare: Addressing Privacy and Security Concerns

The digitalization of healthcare has raised concerns about data privacy and security. Read this blog to understand how to address these concerns and enable seamless data access.

January 31, 2022
New Year, new urgency for healthcare to embrace standardized APIs

The federal website funded by U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services notes, “the lack of seamless data exchange in healthcare has historically detracted from patient care, leading to poor health outcomes, and higher costs”.